Friday, August 31, 2012

Labiaplasties... GYN's alarmed, what's your opinion?


Dolph ziggler said...

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Oubli said...

I read on a L&D blog written by an RN that these types of surgeries creates massive scar tissue along with an aesthetically pleasing look, because scar tissue does not have the same capacity to stretch the tissue literally SHREDS as the baby is being born.

So all the ladies out there looking at having these types of procedures done should ONLY have them done AFTER they done childbearing or if they are a C-Section Only Lady.

This is the reason why I haven't yet had my labia minora repaired, it split horizontally during the birth of my daughter and healed up into two separate pieces because of an inept stitching from my midwife. Since I read that RN's experience I have had visions of my next birth where I am shredded to pieces if I get that repaired. The repair will be done when I am done childbearing.

Anonymous said...

Report: Vaginal Plastic Surgery Has Same Risks As FGM

The real kicker of the report, though, is its examination of the risks involved in labioplasty. The authors mention a potential loss of sexual sensation, which we've heard before. But they also say that the procedure may cause some of the same childbirth problems as female genital mutilation does, including bleeding and tearing in labor, and even the death of the infant. Anyone eating breakfast might want to skip this part, but a commenter on a an earlier post shared some first-hand experience with the problem:

In nursing school I helped out at the delivery of a woman who'd had labiaplasty several years before, and holy shit. It sort of, um, shredded. One of the most horrific things I've seen in my career. It took them a really long time to sew everything back together, and I have a feeling she would have happily gone back to some slightly asymmetric or (gasp!) flappy labia if she could have.